Me and fellow PhD student Ben Owen have made our way to China for a six week trip to visit our collaborators at Xi’an Jiaotong University. Like us, the group here, led by Professor Chen Gang, also do a lot of work on lattice Boltzmann, HPC and fluid-structure interaction and the plan is to use this trip to share our ideas and get started on a few projects together.

Me and Ben arrived here last Tuesday night and have yet to really adjust our body clocks, with neither of us able to manage two consecutive nights of decent sleep yet. We have been placed in the office with Professor Chen Gang’s students who have been amazing at looking after us and taking us to see the sights of Xi’an. In addition to the usual 12 hour shift in the office (including weekends) they have found the time to take us to see the ancient city wall of Xi’an, city centre markets, and also taken us out for dinner pretty much every night. This exchange partnership will also involve part of their group coming to Manchester for a few weeks so I hope we can offer the same welcoming they have given us so far.

Over the next few weeks we have a lot of work lined up (as well as a trip to Beijing) so I’m sure there will be lots more news to follow!

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